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I am an Argentinian Tango singer and singing teacher based in Berlin. With years of experience in performing and teaching, I bring the passion of music to my students and audiences.

Argentinean tango. Singing lessons.
Argentinean tango. Singing lessons.

Duo with bandoneon

Dancing repertoire

With the bandoneonist Ezequiel Acosta

Ideal for milongas

Workshop "Tango: past, present & future". Optional before the milonga

Duo with guitar

Repertoire: Astor Piazzolla (singed & instrumental) - Tango classics

With the seven-string guitarist Federico D’Attellis

Ideal for concerts, festivals, museums, theaters & private events

Trio Tango Fusión

Tango & Classic music repertoire

Ideal for concerts & festivals

Sina Kloke - Piano
Nicolas Perez - Guitar
Nacha Daraio - Voice

Nacha Daraio & La Chan Chan Quintet

Tango & Latin-American folk music repertoire

Direction, Charango &Guitar: Diego Jascalevich
Violin- Julia Rogozia
Bandoneon - Sabina Richter
Piano - Julia Reingardt
Contrabass - Till Hasenohr


Singing is a meaningful activity, a way of experiencing life. With my guidance you can immerse yourself in this wonderful journey. Since 2017 I train in Germany in the Functional Voice Method. Individual private lessons and repertoire workshops in English and Spanish.

In-person singing lessons in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Traditional singing lessons

Language: English or Spanish

Length: 1 h.

We will work on vocal technique through body movements, postural awareness, muscular tone, and breath.

After working together on all the factors involved in singing, we will choose a song that you would like to sing from any genre.

Interpretation: We will address the lyrics, visual images, intention, nuances.

If the class is face to face we will accompany the student with piano, if it is online the student will receive a track.

Tango singing lessons

Language: English or Spanish.

Length: 1 h.

Vocal technique. Phonetics. Rio de la Plata's typical accent. History. Rhythm related to the dance (many dancers choose this lesson).

Scores and tablatures. Melodies. Spoken lyrics. Track with guitars, piano or Typichal Orchestra.

Singing lessons for kids

Lenght: 45 minutes

Technique basic fundamentals. Recognition of the instrument. Body movement is practiced with game exercises.

Children will choose songs accompanied by piano. For virtual lessons a track will be provided.

The goal of the lesson is to have fun and develop confidence with the voice and the body in a dynamic and entertaining way for the child.

Questions & Answers

I have never taken singing lessons, can I start?

Yes, no previous experience is required.

Is it necessary to start as a child to sing properly?

This is a misconception. You can begin at any age. There are very good results with people who started taking classes during adulthood.

When I breathe, does the air go to my belly?

This is another misconception. The air goes to the lungs. In the classes you will discover which is the best movement for your abs when you sing.

Why do each discipline (dance, yoga, singing, etc.) instruct me to take different breaths?

For each discipline there is a different way of breathing. Each one is adapted to its objectives. In singing lessons you will develop the best breathing for singing.

Can I study singing with a video tutorial?

It is not recommended. It can be dangerous for your vocal health, you can even damage your vocal folds. You need a teacher to support your process and help you focus on correcting your habits and needs.

Do you have more questions?

Contact me.



Tangos de Mi Boca (2019)

My first argentine tango album with orchesta. Edited in february 2019 with the support of the Cultural Sponsorship Program of Buenos Aires City Government.


Apertura (2021).
La Partida Tango Trio

Argentine Tango album recorded in 2021.
La Partida Tango Trio.
Supported by National Institute of Music (Argentina).
Nacha Daraio: Voice. Mai Prieto: Violin. Leandro Sabino: Guitar

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